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The Intelligence Academy (intelacademy.com) was established on October 31, 2017 with the aim to become the leading education and recruitment platform for the real worldwide resistance that is fighting against oppression, government and news media deceptions (information warfare), corruption, psyops and geowarfare.

Dozens of highly streamlined national and international misinformation and disinformation campaigns, often government-funded and based on false flag attacks and sectarian agendas, have caused significant fractures in the independent activism community. Leaving a scattered and dysfunctional news media and activist landscape behind as a result, by design.

Since these developments, future activist and rebel prospects are in need of a clear incorruptible guidance. As they decide to join the real resistance they have to find a way to feel comfortable and assured that there is a true rebellion in the world that is active and that they can become part of, without having to go through the many layers of pseudo activism and rebellion and compromised alternative news media, as an uninitiated person.

For the rebellion that is already fighting the battles, ever day, it is an assurance that someone is thinking about recruiting new activists and rebels because when you are on the front lines, when you are active in the final frontiers, you need a group of people who have the expansion and replenishment of the activist and rebel forces as their core objectives.